Friday, July 18

Family Walk

Monday, June 30

Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship at Reunion Resort

Kaylee competed in the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship at Reunion Resort. This is the second year for the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition. It is a National event across the country that holds, regional, and sectional qualifiers who will face off at Augusta National Golf course. You can learn more about it here, The event is free for junior golfers from 7 to 15. Kaylee was in the 10-11 age bracket with some great competition. Alexa Pano is one of the golfers in her age group and she was featured on the Netflix documentary, The Short Game, Here is the format of the competition, all scoring will be based on a 25-point-per-shot basis, with each participant taking three shots per skill. Each participant will accumulate points per shot in all three skills (maximum of 75 points per skill = 25 points per shot x 3). The overall champion in each age category will be determined by the participant with the most points accumulated between all three skills (maximum of 225 points = 75 points per skill x 3). Kaylee started on the driving portion. Since this was her first official competition, she was nervous. She hit one drive in play scoring 4 pts. She moved to the chipping station. I give the rules official a lot of credit at this station. He put her at ease by offering a free trip to Disney if she put it close. She almost holed her first shot and put some major points on the board. The official joked by calling her a show-off. Kaylee laughed. She immediately relaxed and hit two more great chips. She scored 25 points in the chipping section. Finally, she moved to the putting station. She had to putt one ball from 5 feet into the scoring circle which she accomplished. Then, she had to putt from 15 feet, and then from 30 feet. She scored 30 points in this section. She was the first in her age group to go and first to post some scores. Then, we waited to see where she would place. There was an award for first, second, and third for each station as well as overall winners. I told her no matter what she placed, she was already a winner in our book. Also, I encouraged her to exhibit the core values she learned from the First Tee. Kaylee ended up in 5th place for chipping and 6th place for putting. Considering the competition and her first tournament, she did very well. Her response is when is the next one? Drive, Chip, and Putt has a regular competitor for the next few years. She received a drive, chip, and putt towel for participating. Reunion Resort ran a fantastic event.

Tuesday, June 17

World Golf Hall of Fame St. Augustine

Today, I went to the World Golf Hall of Fame for my birthday. They have fantastic memorabilia and an interactive experience. You can watch films, peruse the trophies, see what the players put in the lockers, putt with the old golf balls and clubs. You can play golf on a simulator as well a round on the challenging outdoor 18 hole putting course. Then, you can take a few swings at the replica 17th green at Sawgrass. Last year, I played the real Sawgrass 17th Hole, this hole was a piece of cake, haha. They hold monthly closest to the pin competitions for a cash prize of $500. I put 4 shots on the green from 132 yds. I was not close enough to win the prize but it was a lot of fun. As Arnold Palmer says, "If you love golf, you will love it here."